relay tester

The all-in-one protective relay tester
There is a wide range of relay types, being possible to find in the same location a mix of several relay functions and possibly also the mix of different generation of relays (Electromechanical, Electronic, and Digital), and all need to be checked with the suitable relay tester. But the world is not ideal for the testing engineer, and every situation is different. When thinking in a relay tester, we must think that each relay demands differing requirements of the testing equipment, not only related to power, accuracy, and number of I/O, but also additional design concepts such as different control modes, integrated human interface, modularity, etc.

The need of a relay tester designed to all situations and challenges.
A design adapted to the application and the user can notably improve the relay tester use. Any type of relay tester should be flexible to adapt to different situations, from one relay test to another, and even to different possible users of the same relay tester.

The design of the relay tester must incorporate the latest in modern digital microprocessor technology to achieve the best output characteristics not only in terms of power, accuracy, low distortion, and dynamic capability, but also in integration and sources combination capacity that offer the user a high degree of flexibility and adaptability for the specific application or intended use at all time. The relay tester should allow users to test many different specific functions required in relay testing, without the need of additional accessories.

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